HADSST2 Southern Hemisphere Aug 2012 – Cooling For 15 Years

Using data from the Climate Research Unit of the UEA , it appears sea surface temperatures may explain Antarctic Sea Ice at record levels.

SST in the southern hemisphere have a cooling trend of -0.068C / decade.over the last 15 years.



  1. I have wondered about the phenomenon that you wrote about (Antarctic cooling while the Arxtic is warming) and the most plausible explanation I have seen recently deals with Svensmark’s hypothesis that cloud cover (modified by the cosmic ray flux) is very important in influencing the
    global climate ……….

    ….. it goes like this:

    — when global cloud cover decreases – then more solar insolation reaches the Arctic’s open water and snow free
    land masses so that extra heating occurrs //////////// while in the Antarctic, the albedo of the ice is much higher than the albedo of the clouds so that when
    global cloud cover decreases the Antarctic gets cooler because more of the solar insolation is reflected back into space.

    Peter Salonius


    1. Once I graphed the AMO vs Arctic vs Antarctic I came up with a silly analogy.

      The Atlantic = bathtub.

      The warm water sloshes around the Atlantic.

      When it sloshes north, arctic ice melts and antarctic ice grows and when it sloshes south, the opposite occurs.

      Why it sloshes around is the question.



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