Coral is fine and thriving

Coral has nothing to fear from CO2 (the Australian):

“A WIDESPREAD belief that the world’s coral reefs face a calamitous future due to climate change is proving less resilient than the natural wonders themselves.

Rising sea temperatures, storm damage and ocean acidification have grabbed the headlines as looming threats to reef survival.

But as each concern is more thoroughly investigated, scientists are finding nature better equipped to cope than they had imagined.

The latest research, published in Nature: Climate Change today, blows away the theory that reefs were doomed due to rising ocean acidification caused by the higher take-up of carbon dioxide in the seas.

Researchers have found a common coralline algae that grows at the leading edge of coral reefs is not nearly as susceptible to changing ph levels as coral because it contains high levels of dolomite.

In fact, the dolomite-laden algae has a rate of dissolution six to 10 times lower than coral’s.

The good news is that dolomite-rich coralline algae is common in shallow coral reefs across the world.

“Our research suggests it is likely they will continue to provide protection for coral reef frameworks as carbon dioxide rises,” the paper says.”


One thought on “Coral is fine and thriving

  1. Even if coral isn’t at threat from climate change, it is certainly not ‘thriving.’
    There are still threats from damaging fishing methods, anchors, sediment, tourist damage, predators (e.g. crown-of-thorns starfish) etc.
    So ‘Coral is fine and thriving’ is a rather misleading statement.

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