Has the AMO Peaked? May-Oct says No and Nov-Apr says Yes.

Has the AMO Peaked and started its drop towards negative?  The answer is yes for winter months and no for summer months.

Maybe thats why winter Arctic Ice is doing fine and summer Arctic Ice is not doing fine.

I have included a graph for the AMO for all years that we have data, and then the AMO broken down for each individual month.

The blue boxes in the graphs contain 5 years averages, the blue line underneath is the 5 year period. Red values = above 0 and blue values = below 0.

The All Years AMO has dropped a little over the last 5 years compared to the previous 5 years, but the value is still higher than the 1950 peak of the AMO (but not as high as the short peak around 1878).

It is also interesting that the 1950 peak was in the middle of a 35-40 year period above zero and the current peak is only 15 years long. The AMO may still have decades left above zero, but the winter months look like it was a shorter peak.

May to October 5 year values are still higher than the previous peak around 1950.

November to April have dropped and are now lower than the previous peak around 1950.

Click on any graph to make it bigger.

AMO - All Years - AMO
AMO - 01 Jan - AMO
AMO - 02 Feb - AMO AMO - 03 Mar - AMO AMO - 04 Apr - AMO AMO - 05 May - AMO AMO - 06 Jun - AMO AMO - 07 Jul - AMO AMO - 08 Aug - AMO AMO - 09 Sep - AMO AMO - 10 Oct - AMO AMO - 11 Nov - AMO AMO - 12 Dec - AMO



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