Canada 2012 – Anomalies Mapped

I have mapped the anomalies in the Environment Canada monthly summaries that have “normals”. The anomalies are calculated from selected stations based on the 1971-2000 average.

The 5C black dot in the top left hand corner represents 5C difference from “normal”. Red dots are warmer than normal. Blue are cooler. And Green are 0.

March April and May are really close to normal (all the dots are small). Other months have extremes. October is colder than  normal. March is really interesting for having no red dots in the Arctic which means below normal temperatures which has not been true for years.

There is an animated gif at the bottom showing all months of 2012.

EC Normals 0x0 2012-01 EC Normals 0x0 2012-02 EC Normals 0x0 2012-03 EC Normals 0x0 2012-04 EC Normals 0x0 2012-05 EC Normals 0x0 2012-06 EC Normals 0x0 2012-07 EC Normals 0x0 2012-08 EC Normals 0x0 2012-09 EC Normals 0x0 2012-10 EC Normals 0x0 2012-11 EC Normals 0x0 2012-12 EC_0x0_Map

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