Waste Heat Responsible For Most of Northern Hemisphere Warming

“The waste heat generated by car engines, power plants, home furnaces and other fossil fuel-burning machinery plays an unappreciated role in influencing regional climates, new computer simulations suggest. By altering atmospheric circulation, human-made heat may raise temperatures by as much as 1 degree Celsius during winter in the northernmost parts of the world.”



G.J. Zhang, M. Cai and A. Hu.

Energy consumption and the unexplained winter warming over northern Asia and North America.

Nature Climate Change. Published online January 27, 2013. doi:10.1038/nclimate1803.

9 thoughts on “Waste Heat Responsible For Most of Northern Hemisphere Warming

  1. Shurely it all ends up as waste heat, even if it has done “useful” work in the meantime. Its called entropy.

  2. Every bit of energy we use, burning stuff, hydro, nuclear, renewables etc. adds up to 1/4000th of the energy coming from the sun. i.e one tenth of a watt at the surface. Shall we assume this is trivial and go looking elsewhere for the cause of the purported warming.

  3. Waste heat from all the A/C units here in Phoenix, combined with the concrete jungle of more roads and paving over the desert, is what drives the NIGHTTIME temperature increases that has made the past 20 years the warmest on record. My girlfriend, a native, said that while growing up in the 1970’s even during the summer months it cooled off at night. Now, that doesn’t happen. A few years back we set the all-time record high minimum of 95F and let me tell you, that was no picnic. Virtually all of Phoenix’s warming “climate” is due to increases in nighttime temperatures, not daytime.

  4. If it is waste heat then it is still man made which means everything to the greenies…its just a different spin that has the same results

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