Death Spiral in the Arctic Confusion – 2013 is 1,000,000 sq km Higher Than 2010

UPDATE: For this day, 2013 is closer to the maximum record than the minimum record.

Today’s ice extent is 11.48399 million sq km.


The minimum occurred in 2010 at 10.41433 million sq km – 1.07 million sq km lower than 2013.

The maximum occurred in 1981 at 12.38081 million sq km – .89 million sq km higher than 2013.

The Arctic Sea Ice Death Spiral is confused in 2013. It is now running 1,000,000 sq km higher than the lowest area on this day in 2010.


5 thoughts on “Death Spiral in the Arctic Confusion – 2013 is 1,000,000 sq km Higher Than 2010

  1. This fuss about Arctic ice levels is pathetically unscientific and non- professional. See where Roy Spencer has a report from 1930 of similar low ice levels. There are reports from a hundred years before that of low ice levels. These have nothing to do with CO2 or global warming/climate change/weather weirding etc etc. Changes in levels of Arctic and Antarctic ice seem to be a long term oscillation. People may as well panic about the tide coming in. Such infantile behavior from supposed scientists is bringing science into disrepute.

  2. Well Cryosphere today shows a huge melt 0.6m, DMI main page is still frozen and the old page shows slight uptick What the XXX is going on? Very sus

  3. BTW since i posted that info on WUWT this morning, seems CT has closed down (can’t be accessed currently)

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