Antarctica Set A Third All-Time Record While Government Was “Shutdown”

Antarctica set a third All-Time Record for sea ice extent while the US federal government was “shutdown”.  Data here.

The first All-Time Record was September 14th with 19.51234 million sq km. (I am using all the digits for a good reason)

The 2nd All-Time Record was September 21 with 19.51394  million sq km. – only 1600 sq km higher.

Then the shutdown happened and all the data I use was frozen at September 30th. Today the data was updated.

The 3rd All-Time Record was set on October 2nd with 19.57088 million sq km.

Here is a portion of the latest graph showing the 3rd record.

3rd Antarctic Sea Ice Extent Record


The graph below contains data up until October 18 – Day 291.  Click to make bigger.




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