Temperature North of 80 Rollercoaster

At the beginning of the year the DMI “Daily mean temperatures for the Arctic area north of the 80th northern parallel” was a few degrees C above normal.

And then it went about 12C above normal. That coincides with the Arctic Sea Ice Extent falling out of the one standard deviation point it was in on day 26

In the last week or so it has plunged back down to 7C above normal, and it looks like it will continue. I wonder what will happen?




One thought on “Temperature North of 80 Rollercoaster

  1. Watch the 10.7 cm Flux. It must be less than 130 units for the Arctic to cool. There appears to be a direct relationship between the Flux and the temperature of the atmosphere of the Arctic. The increase in value of the Flux causes the Ozone layer to expand (other parts of the upper atmosphere as well) creating an insulating effect. The heat from the warm Arctic waters is trapped preventing ice formation.

    The ice extent will not grow larger until the Flux drops to less than 130.

    Dr. Lurtz

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