Stop The Sahara Before It Kills Again!

This really isn’t funny at all.

Millions of asthmatics unable to breathe as giant cloud of Saharan sand and toxic air covers Britain in layer of smog

But the greenies like to blame everything on coal. In fact in many countries the major sources of Particulate Matter are in fact dust, agricultural and fires.


PM10 PM2.5


But coal is always blamed. The biggest man made source of PM many times is diesel soot. And diesel cars are 50-70% of cars sold in Europe.


Back to the Daily Mail article:


“One sufferer said she felt like she had ‘a baby elephant sitting on my chest’, while another said her lungs felt like they had ‘cobwebs’ inside them.

Even those without health difficulties have been told by experts to reduce outdoor exercise, with air pollution set to hit 10 out of 10 in some areas.”


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