The Denier Credo

The Denier Credo


1) The Earth HAD been warming. And it stopped. And it also warmed from 1909 to 1945 and stopped for almost 35 years and cooled some. And it also warmed to about 1878 and also stopped and then cooled.
2) CO2 acts as a green house gas, and the amount of CO2 is increasing, and has increased a lot since 1998 with no effect on temperature

3) If Humans are causing climate change, it is very selective and tends to coincide with the AMO cycle.

4) This small amount of warming will cause fanatical people to squander trillions of dollars trying to prevent the same warming/cooling that has occurred in the past in a similar form to the AMO. This insane response to natural fluctuation is causing net economic harm and increase human suffering by replacing nuclear and coal power with tree burning power plants (which produce way more CO2) and bird chopping wind turbines and filthy rare earth contaminated solar panels.

5) The natural warming after the Little Ice Age is a good thing.




  1. Does it matter if global warming isn’t manmade? Even if it is completely natural, we can still improve our planet by trying to stop it.
    Yeah, it’ll be expensive, but who really wants to live on a dirty, polluted planet?


    1. Warmer doesn’t mean more polluted. Try researching how polluted the USA was in the 70s. The air is cleaner now by a huge margin.

      More CO2 is good for agriculture.

      Warmer is good for people. Cold kills 10x as many people was the heat.


  2. Burning fossil fuels emits volumes of pollutants, which can cause a variety of illnesses, for example bronchitis. It also can trigger asthma attacks and lead to lost workdays.

    Combustion of fossil fuels is regarded as one of the main causes of global warming. By trying to stop global warming (reducing fossil fuel combustion) we can reduce the associated health risks.


    1. Billions of people cook their food over dung or wood or charcoal fires in huts. You are condemning them. The air in the fossil fuel burning countries is much cleaner than the air in the homes of the worlds poor. Why do you hate the poor?


      1. I don’t hate the poor. I appreciate that the change from fossil fuels to different energy sources is going to be difficult, but it still needs to be done.
        Firewood can be got from sustainable sources, and after all, sustainability should be a global aim.
        It is combustion of coal (and other resources that will be depleted in the foreseeable future) that I am against.

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