NOAA Precipitation Update as of Feb 2014 – Last 12 Months Were Normal

I missed this when it came out last month, but according to the NOAA Precipitation for the 12 month period ending February 2014 was normal.

It was .19 inches above the 1901-2000 mean.

Wasn’t there supposed to be a permanent “Climate Change” drought?


NOAA_Feb_2014_Precipitation_12 Months


Addendum: If you split the NOAA Climate History in two (March – February), these are the averages:

1895 – 1955 = 29.45 inches

1956 – 2014 = 30.44


One last one:

1980 – 2014 = 30.75 inches


Climate Change … bringer of slightly more precipitation.

6 thoughts on “NOAA Precipitation Update as of Feb 2014 – Last 12 Months Were Normal

  1. Warm oceans colliding with cold continent [arctic air] should produce more rain. BUT, this will happen closer to the Oceans, not in the middle of the continent. Averages could still be the same. California is a special case due to the warm water area west of Washington State deflecting the Arctic Jet Stream North. This is causing the flooding the Oregon, Washington, and drought in California.

  2. March February is the driest time of year for most of the continent, but in California, it’s their wet season. This year they did get a lot of rain in February-March.

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