Antarctic Sea Ice Extent Sep 14 2014 – Amazing – Another All-Time Record

Update: And another record

Antarctic Sea Ice Extent Sept 14 2014 – 1,191,000 sq km above the 1981-2010 mean. Data for Day 256. Data here.

Amazing. Day 256 has broken the day 255 all-time record by 110,000 sq km. And the daily record from 2013 was broken by 230,000 sq km.

History making.



10 thoughts on “Antarctic Sea Ice Extent Sep 14 2014 – Amazing – Another All-Time Record

  1. And in the North, the melt continues, but losses there are much less than Antarctic’s gain.

    Day 256–MASIE shows an additional loss of 35,000 Km2 down to a new 2014 minimum of 5.36 MKm2, or 34.5% of March max.
    Chukchi and East Siberian Seas showed new minimums for the year.
    Losses in Beaufort and Central Arctic were sizeable,but did not produce new 2014 minimums in those regions The melt season is not over yet, though we are close to the average minimum of 34%.

    Region Date Reported Ann Min %of Max (0) Northern_Hemisphere 2014256 5359161 34.5%
    (1) Beaufort_Sea 2014246 704681 65.8%
    (2) Chukchi_Sea 2014256 265404 27.5%
    (3) East_Siberian_Sea 2014256 488971 45.0%
    (4) Laptev_Sea 2014253 1795 0.2%
    (5) Kara_Sea 2014255 80524 8.6%
    (6) Barents_Sea 2014248 121208 16.5%
    (7) Greenland_Sea 2014252 162018 21.3%
    (8) Baffin_Bay_Gulf_of_St._Lawrence 2014230 9776 0.5%
    (9) Canadian_Archipelago 2014255 459610 53.9%
    (10) Hudson_Bay 2014255 10409 0.8%
    (11) Central_Arctic 2014250 2968800 91.4%

  2. This part of the Solar Cycle 24 peak occurred in the Northern hemisphere warming the Arctic. Now that the Sun is moving South, I expect that the Arctic will have a massive rebound in Sea Ice. Note that Ocean warmth is thin, at the surface; but, Ocean cold is extensive and deep.

    The Cycle is slowly winding down; there will be less energy for Antarctica in the next six months. Expect Antarctica to warm very slowly and the Ice to not melt giving 2nd and 3rd year ice build. Next years Antarctica’s Sea Ice extent will be larger than ever and will continue to grow setting extensive records again.

    For the next 10 years, there will be reduced Solar energy [until Solar Cycle 25]. Global cooling is upon us.

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