Antarctic Sea Ice Extent Sept 15 2014 – Another All-Time Record

Antarctic Sea Ice Extent Sept 15 2014 – 1,224,000 sq km above the 1981-2010 mean. Data for Day 257. Data here.

18,000 sq km higher than yesterdays record. And 170,000 sq km higher than 2013’s all-time record.



19 thoughts on “Antarctic Sea Ice Extent Sept 15 2014 – Another All-Time Record

  1. Bruce, Area looks like it will break the record set in 2007 tomorrow is my call. TSI is falling and every time it has Area has grown.

    If only you charted Antarctic Sea Ice Area and TSI. Area shows the match not as much Extent.
    Area is also a better gauge of the true coverage of ice during winter is my feeling.

    Keep up the great charting Bruce.
    Chris Beal

  2. Date: August 20, 2014
    Source: Alfred Wegener Institute, Helmholtz Centre for Polar and Marine Research
    Researchers have for the first time extensively mapped Greenland’s and Antarctica’s ice sheets with the help of the ESA satellite CryoSat-2 and have thus been able to prove that the ice crusts of both regions momentarily decline at an unprecedented rate.

    In total the ice sheets are losing around 500 cubic kilometers of ice per year

    1. Greenland Ice Sheet = 2,850,000 cubic km
      Antarctic Ice Sheet = 30,000,000 cu km.

      32,850,000 / 500 = 65,700 years.

      WAIT! And of that 500 only 125 is from Antarctica.

      30,000,000 / 125 = 240,000 years

      All that from 3 years worth of data.

      What was the ice loss in the 1930s? 1890s? 1940s? No one Knows.

      Anyone who users the term “unprecedented” for 3 years of data from a new satellite are con artists.

  3. Remember that the word Unprecedented – like any word used in congress – can be redefined to mean whatever you want it to. It’s the glory of the English language

  4. If this is caused by global warming, then has this cooling effect (more sea ice would be a negative feedback), accounted for in their sensitivity “calculations”.

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