California Drought – Almost As Dry as 1923 and 1976

According to the NOAA, California Precipitation for Sept-Aug  is the 3rd lowest of all time behind 1923/24 and 1976/77.

It must be “Global Warming” caused by CO2 if it is almost as dry as 1923.





6 thoughts on “California Drought – Almost As Dry as 1923 and 1976

  1. I hate to point out the error in your assumptions. You are basing comparisons on “unadjusted” historical rainfall. Once NOAA has a chance compensate the data for the growth in the relative size of an inch over the past 100 years, California will be in the grips of an unprecedented drought.

    1. Rod Taylor, you make an excellent point. My first thought in studying the graph was — “Gee, I wonder if anyone has gone back to ‘adjust’ the data?” I mean, if we can make the past cooler, and the present warmer (in pursuit of the almighty Trend), there should be no bar to making the past a bit less dry.

      I’m ready to pay my carbon tax like a good little robot, since it will enrich the deserving government employees, the scientists who work so very diligently to adjust the data, and, last but certainly not least, the third-worlders who are allegedly the hardest-hit “victims” of global weirding. (The sad reality: Third-world citizens will have it a lot tougher if the hard-left prevails.

      As many wise folk have said, the hard left wants to deny third-worlders the benefits of life-saving electricity, much the same way they denied African children the benefits of DDT, which could’ve prevent tens of millions of deaths from malaria. Alas, I do go on. Shutting up for now.

  2. “Unadjusted” historical data? Don’t you mean unmanipulated, in order to support the hypothesis of “man made” cooling, warming, disruption, change, and whatever else they are calling the hoax this week.

  3. Also don’t forget the complex issue of gravity changes due to the less Arctic ice. Quite likely that more of that water shot into space instead of falling to the ground, further complicating the measurements. Oh, and with less gravity, the less force pulling the water down/towards the earth, so an inch today is much less than it was back then.

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