USA NOAA November – Damned Cold – Imagine If It Had Been The Opposite

How cold was the USA in November? The map below look at the Average Temperature rank out of 120. 120 would be warmest.

1 would be coldest. There are a lot of 2’s and 3’s in the blue section. 

Imagine the sh*tstorm of publicity if the rank’s had been 118 and 119?



3 thoughts on “USA NOAA November – Damned Cold – Imagine If It Had Been The Opposite

  1. The inevitable comeback line is, or will be, “Well … weather isn’t climate and when it’s cold here that doesn’t mean it’s cold everywhere else.” True. But all the oceans and polar regions should be ignored for temperature fluctuations since no one lives there, and the same for those living between latitudes 15N/15S because they receive practically the same solar radiance levels year round. Which means that the U.S. – the third most populous country and home to 330 million people – was damn cold. Cold, not hot.

    I thumb my nose in the direction of those ridiculous warmists, for their mothers were a hamster and their fathers smelled of elderberries.

    1. You got it!!!!
      Now, watch the Ozone “holes/layer” and you will be able to predict the “weather/climate”.
      Simply, the Ozone layer is a green house gas 10 times as effective as CO2:
      a) Larger Ozone hole, colder weather [Sun at low output, i,e,, Solar Flux less than 120 sfu]
      b) Small or no Ozone hole, warmer weather…
      c) Also, Large Ozone hole [both north and south], Jet Stream moves toward the Equator in all seasons.
      d) The storm systems are moved by the Jet Stream.
      Due to low Solar Output [measured by the Sun Spots or Solar Flux], we are heading toward a new cooling period.

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