What Megadrought? – NOAA – 2014 California Precipitation Was Only 11% Below Normal

According to the NOAA, 2014 precipitation in California was  -2.46″ below the 1901-2000 average. 

That is Only 11%. What Megadrought?  (The real problem is a doubling of population and no big dams built since 1982).





      1. No recovery of the snow pack this year.

        More dams where? Where is the un-captured outflow? Sacramento or Klamath?

        The solution is reduced metropolitan water use and recycling. The real problem is a doubling of the population and the same quantity of water…

  1. Not just population, but also more water intensive Farming.
    Add to that poor water management/development, throw in lowere precip and you have a drought


    1. If we build enough desalination plants, thus adding another diversion into the water cycle, we could also help to lower sea levels. No, really!
      wink, wink


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