Antarctica’s Increasing Sea Ice Levels is a Worry

Antarctica’s Increasing Sea Ice Levels is a Worry

THE size and power of ships needed to break through Antarctica’s increasing sea ice levels is a worry for the global research community.

In recent years countries including Australia have battled to reach their stations on the frozen continent, making resupply missions time consuming and expensive, Australian Antarctic Division spokesman Rod Wooding said.

“We’re noticing that the sea ice situation is becoming more difficult,” he told reporters on Monday.

The sea ice through the Southern Ocean and around Australia’s Mawson Station usually breaks up for a couple of months a year allowing ships to enter the bay but that did not happen in 2013-14.

“We had to get fuel in by helicopter which is inadequate for the long-term sustainability of the station,” Dr Wooding said.”Other national programs have had similar problems: the French in particular, Japanese also.””

This part is hilarious:

There is no single reason why sea ice levels are increasing but Hobart-based expert Tony Worby said it tends to gather around icebergs and wind patterns also play a part.”We know sea ice extent is increasing, there was a record maximum in September 2014,” Prof Worby said.”It’s quite hard to forecast …. “


But but …. I thougth all this stuff was easy to forecast. Just blame it on global warming!

I guess blaming more sea ice on global warming is difficult when the’ve been screaming for decades that global warming causes less sea ice.

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7 thoughts on “Antarctica’s Increasing Sea Ice Levels is a Worry

  1. Prof. Worby must be a piece of work. He is sitting in Australia where you can look out the window and see the Antarctica Sea Ice. Makes you wonder what type of injections these AGW people get along with their grants???
    All we can do is sit back and enjoy the show!!!!!! And with this Solar Cycle being reduced in energy, the whining will become more creative in the future!!

  2. Clowns on some other eco-loving websites I frequent try claiming the record Antarctic sea ice is the result of melting at depth (100-300m) which, when paired with the “irreversible collapse” of the WAIS, causes freshening of the sea surface, and reduced salinity allows for greater ice formation. No one explains how ocean temperatures at depth can melt fresh-water ice (freezing point = 32°F) from the underside when SST is at or below the freeing point for water. No one wants to address the increasing albedo effect of all that sea ice either.

    My conclusion is that alarmists don’t have much going for them other than parroting talking points from AGW proponents. Their science, like NOAA’s, misses on some basic mechanisms.

      1. Different physics at either pole. One shows obvious extent decline, so the other has to be explained away because it’s increasing.

        Just as an aside, I have some Dr. Magorium’s Famous Anti-Anxiety Snake Oil And Skin Tonic to sell you if you’re interested, too ….

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