how good is CO2 …

5 thoughts on “CO2

  1. Could it be that as the population grows more acreage is planted? I’m sure that is part of the reason for the increased crop production. Increased levels of CO2 are also a factor.

    1. Of course it’s because more acres are planted and varieties of grains have been bred to produce more per acre. But this is a prime example of how warmists view global warming – err, climate change – because it provides an expediency of justification to kill off developed nations through the transfer of wealth from them to third-world nations.

      Just because CO2 has gone up doesn’t mean global temperature follows – yet their push is to do away with CO2 emissions in order to impose some sense of anthropogenic control on a climate thermostat, much as we have in our own homes. It’s balderdash and tomfoolery.

    1. That is interesting. Improved farming methods in developing countries plus that dreaded pollutant, carbon dioxide, is allowing less land to be farmed with increasing yields.

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