Antarctic Ice Cores Are Useless To Detect Global Warming

A new paper is out trying to explain why Antarctica isn’t warming.

“These findings suggest the Southern Ocean responds to greenhouse gas forcing on the centennial, or longer, timescale over which the deep ocean waters that are upwelled to the surface are warmed themselves. It is against this background of gradual warming that multidecadal Southern Ocean temperature trends must be understood.

There is a little name calling aimed at deniers (who happen to be right)

Those who said there was a conundrum were just deniers. It’s right there in the press release, paragraph two:

The study resolves a scientific conundrum, and an inconsistent pattern of warming often seized on by climate deniers.

Which rather begs the question: If there was a conundrum then the skeptics who pointed it out were not deniers, but correct. And if there was no conundrum, and deniers were denying something, then this is not a new finding at all. Alternately perhaps some researchers “knew” the answer they were going to find, and the other researchers, who can’t see the future, are deniers?


But the thought that came to me was … if there have been episodes of global warming in the past that last a few hundred years …. the ice cores would have missed them completely. Right?



2 thoughts on “Antarctic Ice Cores Are Useless To Detect Global Warming

  1. The presumption in the statement by the paper is that Southern Antarctic Ocean waters turn over much more slowly than those elsewhere in the world. Perhaps this is attributable to very strong westerlies that circumscribe the Antarctic continent, but it wouldn’t explain the annual turnover resulting from thermohaline currents. In other words, not all the pieces of the puzzle are being used.

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