Energy poverty Getting Worse in Rural Ontario

Energy rates in Ontario have climbed 100% in the last decade.

So-called “energy poverty” is getting worse in rural Ontario, a Global News investigation has found, with even small households paying hundreds of dollars a month to keep the lights on.

Officials, residents and experts are all sounding the alarm after electricity rates in the province rose 100 per cent in the past decade.

A range of factors are fueling the increases, including subsidies for clean energy, dealing with aging nuclear plants and maintaining and modernizing the province’s vast transmission and distribution system. But the problem is especially acute in rural Ontario, where steep delivery charges are the norm.

“The worst affected are customers in rural Ontario,” said energy analyst Tom Adams. “Compared to the ordinary urban household, the delivery charge alone is usually two to three times higher.”

One thought on “Energy poverty Getting Worse in Rural Ontario

  1. If you include the 18 cents we pay at the highest time of day they have risen 400% from when McGuinty took power and ruined our electricity sector. Any politician who would do that to the people should never see daylight again for the rest of their life. The Liberal Party has been an utter disaster for this province but the brain dead voter keeps voting them in. I need laws to protect me from people who act like that and exempt me personally from the stupidity they have wrought on this province.
    I would like to see the populated areas where those brain dead voters reside be separated from the sane rural ares who don’t buy into this crap. Let them green themselves to death if they want but I shouldn’t have to pay the price for their collective stupidity.

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