Arctic Sea Ice Extent – 940,000 sq km Higher Than 2012 – Day 238 – 2016

Day 238 in Arctic is 940,000 sq km Higher Than 2012.


And remember, in 2012 there was a massive cyclone that caused the low. Not melting.



South / North

2 thoughts on “Arctic Sea Ice Extent – 940,000 sq km Higher Than 2012 – Day 238 – 2016

  1. Since what sea ice exists is covered with deep snow, which insulates the ice below and prevents it from thickening while at the same time increasing the albedo, what sea ice exists can and will get overturned as winds bounce it around, thereby dumping the snow into the Arctic Ocean (that takes more delta-t to melt and bring to ambient temperature) and churning the ice into smaller bits which can be blown around and compacted, thereby allowing more open water to freeze—and the cycle starts all over.

    At some point it stands to reason that the feedback loop of more open water = more delta-t thermal gain = more melting will be broken, which it always does, and do so in a dramatic manner. Can local or regional climate in a highly variable part of the world change drastically in a short period of time? Yes; even the so-called climate “experts” say that global warming to cooling has happened in as short as 10-20 years, yet they never describe or investigate by what possible mechanism such a possibility would occur.

    If the “science” of climate change is settled, then this question would not only have been asked but fully investigated and answered. Based on a lack of any inquiry by the major climate science organizations, one can only assume that either such a reversal is impossible (unlikely, on a highly dynamic planet such as ours) or if possible, demands that CO2 is not the universal climate control knob they’re pretending it to be. Since the former is known to be false, then the latter has to be true—and since that runs counterintuitive to all the scare-mongering they’ve been doing, it won’t see the light of day, and in their silence affirms that climate science is pseudoscience at best.

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