Sea Ice Extent (Global Antarctic and Arctic) – Day 311 – 2016

global_sea_ice_extent_zoomed_2016_day_311_1981-2010 antarctic_sea_ice_extent_zoomed_2016_day_311_1981-2010 arctic_sea_ice_extent_zoomed_2016_day_311_1981-2010

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One thought on “Sea Ice Extent (Global Antarctic and Arctic) – Day 311 – 2016

  1. you mean now that the card house of denial crumbles it’s the sensor’s fault? i must tell you that all the other platforms like jaxa, amsr2 etc. uni hamburg and other leading institutions based on other data sets show the same results, of course not in absolute numbers but the very same tendency and then in case of doubt there always remain satellite images to proof the ice edge as far as extent is concerned. last but not least it’s even worse than those numbers show because the ice volume which is key but difficult to measure, as well as ice quality, (fragmentation and thickness ) are not part of the data you provide in this blog but can be seen on satellite and aerial images.

    if you remember i predicted the antarctic turnaround out of sheer logic while the arctic, due to ocean temps and streams is much more prone to steady decline of sea ice, especially volume but sooner or later all parameters are affected. btw there is almost no old multiyear ice left, only a tiny fraction of what it once was and where the multiyear ice, 4-5 meters thick once survived the summer melting seasons is no in parts still open water in november.

    further look out for the incoming storms with warm and moist air, first on the atlantic side in about 4 days and later from the pacific side in about 6-7 days and you will see another significant stall in refreeze and it’s effect on ice-thickness and thus on next years melting season. also put into consideration the wave action over still open waters, in part still above freezing point and the warm water that southernly winds will transport through bering and from the atlantic side.

    interesting times lay ahead of us while i by no means am sure that the impact of global warming is just negative, i see many chances in that and then it’s the changes that impose fear on average people more than the fact itself which is why so many suppress facts as long as possible and seek excuses for not to act.

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