Snow Graphs From the Rutgers Snow Lab


These graphs are NH only.

Its a pity Rutgers graphing script can’t spell Hemisphere.

But …

Fall up 1,500,000 sq km

Winter up 900,000 sq km

Spring down 3,000,000



4 thoughts on “Snow Graphs From the Rutgers Snow Lab

  1. Very basic question: what conclusion can be gleaned from these graphs which clearly show an upward trend in fall SCE and a decline in spring SCE? If you look at the “preferable” colder 1967-1985 period, snow came later but also melted later. In the more recent “warmer” 1995-2016 period, the reverse is true: snow comes earlier but also melts sooner. I don’t see any evidence of an overall warming climate in those truths, only that a shift has occurred—but one that, on the whole, averages out. Perhaps a graph demonstrating the SCE with overall length of time might yield some interesting data, but I am guessing not a whole lot.

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