Edmonton (two stations) and then Medicine Hat A

I was looking over Alberta weather data (Environment Canada monthly summaries) because some article said Edmonton was warming by some godawful amount.

When I looked at Edmonton weather data I found 23 stations. Some old, some recent, some only running for a few years.

I looked at EDMONTON CITY CENTRE A  – 1937 to 2005 – average of 11.9 records per year. Pretty complete.

I know, no data from 2010s. But the 1980s were hottest.

1980s 4.3
1990s 3.9
2000s 3.8
1970s 3.4
1960s 3.0
1940s 2.7
1950s 2.6
1930s 2.2

EDMONTON STONY PLAIN 1966 to 2018  – 12

2010s 4.3
2000s 4.1
1980s 3.8
1990s 3.8
1960s 2.7
1970s 2.6

2010s aren’t over.

Then I went looking for some old/new data in Alberta with long runs just to get a feel for the province.

MEDICINE HAT A – 1883 to 2008 11.9 record per year. Again, no 2010s.  Tragic that EC let old long stations die off.

1910s 6.4
1920s 6.2
1980s 6.2
2000s 6.2
1900s 6.0
1990s 5.9
1930s 5.8
1880s 5.3
1940s 5.3
1960s 5.3
1970s 5.0
1950s 4.9
1890s 4.7

I’ll do some more like this.


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