No Pipelines For Canada – No Problem – Railcars To The Rescue

Pipelines for shipping oil in Canada keep getting cancelled or bought up and then pretend to be worked on.

But shipping oil by rail keeps rising.

Image result for Canadian Crude Oil Exports by Rail

Oil by rail is not as safe as a pipeline.

A pipeline is the safest and cheapest method to move oil; railway is the second cheapest way, he said.

“If you increase the amount of transportation, sooner or later you will have some incidents that will be happening,” Chen said.





4 thoughts on “No Pipelines For Canada – No Problem – Railcars To The Rescue

  1. You can ship oil via rail but not gas. No pipeline means flaring gas from oil fields which is a serious problem in the Bakken fields. All that energy is simply wasted.

  2. To answer my own question, it looks like Bill Gates owns somewhere between 10 and 14% of Canadian National. Major players is a long list of banks and other financial institutions.

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