Ferries and Killer Whales – Stats

Just an addendum to the post I made about Ferries and Killer Whales. The key paragraph is here.

The study stated “that ferries undoubtedly contribute a large amount of noise due to their size, the large number of monthly ferry trips, and because their routes are widely distributed throughout” the pod’s habitat. To make matters worse, B.C.’s provincial government plans to increase the number of ferry trips in B.C. coastal waters by an enormous 2,700 trips per year — or 225 more trips per month.

TMX will result in 1 extra tanker sailing per day.

BC Ferries make over 26,000 sailings a year (13,000 round trips) on the 4 major routes (which go right through the feeding grounds)

Thats works out to 71 daily trips.

And there are a grand total of 79,000 round trips (156,000 sailings) on all routes.


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