Save The Coal – Burn a Forest

The headline says wood pellets are “renewable”. Nonsense.

16 thoughts on “Save The Coal – Burn a Forest

  1. Wow is this title ever fucked!!! The pellets are made from the scraps/pulp that is left over from the mills. It’s a great way to use every last bit of the wood taken from our forest that we use for so many things as it is. Plus people need to remember that trees are typically planted in the cut blocks as it is to replace what’s been cut.

    Plus, the pellets are far more efficient than just burning regular chunks of wood and typically pellets stoves burn extremely clean so there is little to know emissions…..

    Before creating such a stupid view on a topic do your homework!

    1. Should of read the article.

      “The company uses mostly wood waste from forestry to produce wood pellets, although it lately has come under fire from the environmental group for using whole live trees.”

      Or this one:


  2. The issue at hand is the claim that CO2 increases the temperature of the atmosphere. For this reason they want reduce CO2 emissions. Burning wood however produces much more CO2 than natural gas so this is counter productive. Calling wood renewable is also flawed in that it takes many decades to grow back what you literally burn in months. It’s a shame uneducated and foolish people comment so easily.

      1. @catweazle666:

        Remark of a 6 year old child who does not know how to copy a name without making a mistake.

  3. Burning wood pellets produce CO2 now.

    And then more trees are converted to wood pellets.

    And then more.

    And then more and more and more.

    And 100 years from now there are no forests. (Sooner probably)

    1. And in the case of the Drax feedstock, that’s ignoring the CO2 footprint of cutting down the first
      growth trees, transporting them to the plant where they are chipped and pelleted, drying the pellets, transporting them to the railhead, loading them into a ship and transporting them a couple of thousand miles to Immingham, transferring them onto a train and transporting them to the power station where they’ll be burned…
      All very environmentally sound – NOT!

  4. Wood should be used for heating in nearby housing. Why export them far away when in the northern regions, trees grow locally, they are needed for heating in winter.

    1. Wood burners: Most polluting fuels to be banned in the home
      Owners of wood burners, stoves and open fires will no longer be able to buy house coal or wet wood, under a ban to be rolled out from next year.

      Sales of the two most polluting fuels will be phased out in England to help cut air pollution, the government says.

      Bags of logs sold in DIY stores, garden centres and petrol stations often contain wet wood – a type of wood which produces more pollution and smoke.,rolled%20out%20from%20next%20year.&text=The%20government%20said%20wood%20burning,of%20fine%20particulate%20matter%20(PM2.

      1. Think with your head instead of copying what you don’t understand.

        I heat myself with wood, very dry wood cut near my home. I keep it dry for several years. When it burns, it releases CO2 which is absorbed by other trees.

      2. Well, bully for you, trollboy.

        And just what tiny percentage of the population have access to so many acres of trees they can acquire sufficient quantities of wood that that are able to do that?

        For what it’s worth, my wife and I have currently around a ton of well-seasoned, dry logs ourselves, but I’m damn sure only around one household in a thousand in the UK is as lucky as us, everyone else has to rely on purchases from DIY stores, garden centres and petrol stations.

        In any case, it has utterly escaped your attention that the discussion concerns the use of many thousands of tons of wood harvested industrially for electricity generation, not domestic heating.

        So try thinking yourself, you ignorant, patronising little twerp.

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