Climate change is making horses fat as it’s causing an abundance of grass to grow

Oh no  … not abundant grass! The poor horses!

Gillies Moffat, director of a veterinary centre in Hythe, Hampshire, said the wetter and warmer climate has meant the animal's staple food has grown more rapidly than in the past.  

Horses should be moved into bare paddocks, vets have said, because an abundance of grass caused by climate change is making them fat.

Gillies Moffat, director of a veterinary centre in Hythe, Hampshire, said the wetter and warmer climate has meant the animal’s staple food has grown more rapidly than in the past.

The vet warned a “significant” percentage of horses he treats are overweight because of a range of modern “socioeconomic pressures” including climate change.


A few interesting links

A  few links I found interesting.

Norway Is a Green Leader. It’s Also Drilling More Oil Wells Than Ever

The UK’s October 2019 sure felt like a chilly one, but now official Met Office temperature data has confirmed it — Central England just experienced a month on par with those of the mid-to-late 1600s.

The last mammoths died on a remote island … Why then did the last woolly mammoths disappear so suddenly? … Another possible factor could have been the spread of humans.

Duh! Humans kill a lot of species … not with CO2 … not with warmth .. just guns and spears and bows etc.

The Great Biomass Boondoggle

Arguably one of the most reckless ideas, though, is already well underway: burning “forest biomass”—that is, trees—in power plants as a replacement for coal. The problem with this so-called green energy source is that instead of decreasing greenhouse gas emissions, it increases the amount of COcoming out of the smokestack compared to fossil fuels, and the climate “benefit” is claimed by simply not counting the emissions.  

Biomass-fired electricity plants are on balance more polluting than coal: report

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Tell the Truth About CO2 At A University– Lose Your Job Because Universities Make Too Much Money Off Of AGW

The University of Alberta’s vice-president of university relations has resigned over the school’s “beefier barley” billboards, which were slammed as promoting climate change.

Tell the truth about CO2 … and you will lose grant money. Many plants are thriving and will continue to thrive with more CO2.

The messaging on the ad called the reputation of the University of Alberta and its extensive research on climate change into question,” vice-president of university relations Jacqui Tam said in an announcement posted Sunday.

“As Vice-President (University Relations), I apologize for this and take responsibility. In the best interests of the institution, I am announcing my departure from the University of Alberta, effective immediately.”

Truth will get your career cancelled.

The “beefier barley” billboards, displayed at four locations in Edmonton and Calgary, read, “Climate change will boost Alberta’s barley yield with less water, feeding more cattle.”

Truth Matters? Nonsense. Propaganda matters.

The billboard is part of Truth Matters, a larger advertising campaign from the university, highlighting research “that tackles today’s complex challenges, and to encourage discussion,” Tam said in an earlier statement posted Thursday after concerns were raised by the public, students and faculty members.