February 2019 Looks Like February 1936 – And Thats Bad Because July 1936 was Hottest in USA

February 2019 Looks a lot Like February 1936 and thats bad because July of 1936 was so damn hot.

February 1936 

July 1936 – 8 States Hottest and a bunch more in top 10.

NOAA February 2019 in Montana Was -15.6°F Below The Mean

According to the NOAA, Montana was -15.6F below the 1901-2000 mean

Norht Dakota was -14.8 below. South Dakota was -13.5F below.

Coldest February ever in Montana , South Dakota and North Dakota and 5 other states was 1936.

Feb 1936 looks very much like Feb 2019. I hope the summer of 2019 is not the same as the summer of 1936. That would be bad!!!!