Sunshine Up in Spain From 1985 to 2010 by 3.9W/m^2

The Hockey Schtick has found another paper showing sunshine is way up in Spain. And more sunshine means warming.

“The mean annual G series over Spain shows a tendency to increase during the 1985-2010 period, with a significant linear trend of + 3.9 Wm- 2 per decade. Similar significant increases are observed in the mean seasonal series, with the highest rate of change during summer (+ 6.5 Wm- 2 per decade) and secondly in autumn (+ 4.1 W m- 2 per decade) and spring (+ 3.2 Wm- 2 per decade). These results are in line with the widespread increase of G, also known as brightening period, reported at many worldwide observation sites.”

3.9W/m^2 is more than the effect of a doubling of CO2 (which has not happened yet)

The abstract is here.


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