Is the USA warming? The NOAA data says”It depends” – Part 2

Part 2 of 3. Part 1 explains the series.  Part 1a and Part 1b have some nice graphs

In part 1 I took a look at the NOAA data when it starts in 1895. I then thought why not write an R script to find the trends for each state using every possible year as a start date.

42 of 48 states were cooling and 1 had no trend from 1998. No surprise. The world started to cool in 1998. I’ll return to 1998 in the future.

But look at 1921. And 1930. 21 states have been cooling since 1921 and 1930. 1921 is an important pivot point in US climate.

The trend for Alabama is cooling at -0.19F / decade since 1921.

The green line is the trend, the blue line is the default loess fit, the red line is the data, the black line is the average for the whole period, and the faint top and bottom grey lines are max and min.

Does anyone see the mark of CO2 warming in that graph?

Here is the list of states cooling from 1921. (Plus Ohio since .01F is so small)

I’ll include the graph for Tennessee with a new addition — the grey rectangle highlights the 10 warmest consecutive years.

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