HADCRUT3 Gridded Last 15 years – Some Data is Missing

My first look at the gridded data ended up with a Big Red Star. This post looks at how much data there is over the last 15 years counting back from June 2012 (the most recent gridded data).

For grids with temperature stations there should be 180 data points (15 years x 12 months).

I found 2,315 grid cells with data out of a possible 2,592. 731 of those grid cells have a 180 data points. 1,132 grid cells have 170 or more data points.

I calculated the trend for each gridcell.

I’ve used RGoogleMaps before to map spatial data, so here is a map of the world with the count of data points centered in each grid cell. You might want to click on it and zoom in. Cells with a cooling trend are in blue, warming cells are colored red. 1253 cells are warming, 1058 are cooling and 4 have a trend of 0.

There are a lot of cells without much data.

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