Nunavut (Canada’s Arctic) Temperature Falling From -8C to -12C Per Decade For Last 3 years

Yes Canada’s Arctic has warmed. I blogged about it most recently here. Many stations have a big spike around 2010.

What has happened since then?

I looked at Nunavut stations with Normals (anomalies) calculated by Environment Canada that have data for the last 3 years. (Most recent Nunavut Data Here. I’m looking at stations with data in column D)

Temperature is falling. From -8C to -12C per decade. Amazing.

Sure. Only 3 years. But did anyone else tell you this news? (Click to make bigger)

Last 3 Years - RANKIN INLET A - Environment Canada as of  February 2013 Last 3 Years - KUGLUKTUK A - Environment Canada as of  February 2013 Last 3 Years - FOX FIVE - Environment Canada as of  February 2013 Last 3 Years - EUREKA - Environment Canada as of  February 2013 Last 3 Years - DEWAR LAKES - Environment Canada as of  February 2013 Last 3 Years - CORAL HARBOUR A - Environment Canada as of  February 2013 Last 3 Years - CAPE HOOPER - Environment Canada as of  February 2013 Last 3 Years - CAMBRIDGE BAY A - Environment Canada as of  February 2013 Last 3 Years - BAKER LAKE A - Environment Canada as of  February 2013

10 thoughts on “Nunavut (Canada’s Arctic) Temperature Falling From -8C to -12C Per Decade For Last 3 years

  1. They scrambled to amend the scare language from “global warming” to “climate change”. Of course in the ’70s it was The New Ice Age & running out of oil & mass starvation. Oops…

    But these folks can turn on a dime and begin baying at a NEW moon. Thus the scramble to come up with an alarmist “scientific” explanation their current Henny Penny ‘thinking’ (to use the term loosely). The primary thing is to make people feel scared and helpless in the face of catastrophe that can only be solved by massive government intervention. The motivation is clear and all the major institutional mouthpieces are singing from the same sheet of music.

    The search for scientific truth has nothing to do with this cynical takeover.

  2. Your fundamental error, sir, is that you have simply taken the temperature readings from these several widely spaced locations across the Canadian North and have presented them as objective fact. What you have in reality, is only “raw” data. Everyone knows that raw data does not properly measure the effects of Climate Change. It must be adjusted by “variables”, sometimes many variables before it shows a true result. I’m sure that if you were to submit your data to the “Experts” they would be able to apply the correct variables and deliver back to you a set of graphs that would properly show that the temperature trend across Nunavut is indeed increasing. Even if no combination of variables can show the correct trend, your data is for only three years. The Experts assure us that you need a significant period of time to show a proper trend, something like 15 years, for a trend to be valid.

    The proof that your graphs do not show the true climate for Northern Canada lies in the fact that all the Arctic ice is melting right now and melting at an increasingly faster rate than ever before. Everybody knows that. It was on the CBC. How can the ice be melting if the land temperature is declining? Do not be fooled by scurrilous reports from SDA of cold weather in Britain, China, Saskatchewan. That is only weather. Above average January temperatures in Toronto and heat in Australia are the proper indicators of Climate Change.

    You’re welcome.
    Heh, heh, heh.

  3. BJG, did you know that the US ice research station at the Antarctic has been burried and completely lost under ice twice now. They have just recently built a third research station on stilts so that it can be jacked up as the ice rises, and thus be used for a much longer period of time. Why would they be doing this if the ice was melting??? I guess you could go pop by Al Gore’s new $9,000,000 dollar oceanside mansion and ask him?

  4. Mike — is this blog your place? If so, I like what you’re doing so I think I may have to make my view on “Climate Change” clear. I got here originally from a link at Small Dead Animals. Among other things, I thought references to SDA, “variables”, “Experts” and heh, heh, heh in my comment would give away how far my tongue was in my cheek.

    That’s all right. I’m rather used to being able to tell the wildest tales and have people believe I am serious, then when I am serious they think I’m joking.

    Anyway, I don’t watch the CBC except for hockey or if someone directs me to some of their idiocy online and I think that if Al Gore has $9 million invested ocean side it probably tells you how much he believes the stories he’s been telling.

    I’ll use a /sarc tag from now on.

  5. Great comments guys! Out here in Calgary, i had to give up on Global TV…the 5:30 edition was becoming a gag fest with her every day pushing some Alarmist group…CBC though is bad though i agree….

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