Canada March 2013 – The Coldest Station Per Province/Territory – Eureka, Nunavut Wins? With -51.5C

Update: Commenter Glacier pointed out the Sikanni Chief data was incorrect. The monthly summary was not based on correct daily data.

Dease Lake replaces  Sikanni Chief.

Prov Min Temp C. Stn Name Lat Long
BC -29.9 DEASE LAKE (AUT) 58.426 -130.026

The data is from the monthly summary put out by Environment Canada for March 2013.

These are the stations with the coldest minimum temperature for one 24 hour period in each province.

Prov Min Temp C. Stn Name Lat Long
NU -51.5 EUREKA 79.983 -85.933
MAN -46 PINAWA WNRE 50.181 -96.058
NWT -46 THOMSEN RIVER 73.231 -119.538
BC -42 SIKANNI CHIEF 57.25 -122.718
QUE -41 RIVIERE AUX FEUILLES 57.909 -72.976
SASK -40.6 KEY LAKE, SK 57.25 -105.6
ALTA -38.8 FORT CHIPEWYAN RCS 58.767 -111.117
YT -38.8 OLD CROW RCS 67.571 -139.839
ONT -38.3 LANSDOWNE HOUSE (AUT) 52.196 -87.936
NFLD -30.8 WABUSH 52.923 -66.865
NB -18.7 JUNIPER 46.55 -67.167
PEI -17 TYNE VALLEY 2 46.546 -63.969
NS -14.2 PORT HAWKESBURY 45.657 -61.368


      1. I’ve noticed that Environment Canada makes a lot of mistakes and errors these days.

  1. Been on vacation and just got back.
    Eureka also holds the record for the coldest mean month in North America
    -47.9C in February 1979….thankfully, I arrived in March!!!


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