HADCRUT4 10 Years By Month = AMO

Over the last 10 years HADCRUT4 has had a slightly negative trend. But the months each have their own trend.

September to April have been cooling, while May – August have been warning, All 12 months with trends are below.

I wonder why CO2 has forsaken the winter months?

The interesting thing is this matches the AMO as you can see in the post I did in January. (I would do a new post but the US shutdown has shutdown the page I got the AMO data from).

When the AMO finishes going negative this will be very bad news for the CO2/Warmist Cult.. And even worse news for the world’s agriculture.

Right now, Dec/Jan/Feb are cooling at -0.17C/decade to -0.25C/decade. Brr.  Germany is already off to the coldest start of winter in 200 years.

Average HADCRUT4 Global  Last 10 Years

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