NOAA USA January – 67 January’s Were Warmer

According to the NOAA, January was only the 53rd warmest out of 120. That means 67 January’s (out of 120) were warmer.

The lower 48 states were pretty much divided right down the middle. Very cold in the east, warm in the west and normal in the states directly above Texas.

Alabama had its 4th coldest January in 120 years. It was -8.3F colder than normal. Minnesota was the coldest state, averaging 2.3F. Brrr. Only 52.3F colder than Florida.

Here are the maps of average temperature, rank out of 120 (120 = warmest) and temperature anomaly from 1901-2000

Average Temperature in F


Rank out of 120 (120 = warmest and 1 = coldest)


Anomaly in F from 1901 – 2000 average.



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