The Sad State of Environment Canada’s Sunshine Data

Once up a time (June of 1978 to be precise)  if you downloaded Environment Canada’s monthly summaries, you would have found 313 stations with “Bright Sunshine” hours.

As of January 2014, there is only one. (Ignore the title. Those are hours , not anomalies. I’m just depressed about the loss of data. How do we know whats going on if we don’t collect sunshine data???)

EC MonthlyNormalsSunshine1978-06

EC MonthlyNormalsSunshine2014-01



  1. maybe to many ‘fortune tellers – read “Alarmist”‘ out there stealing Campbell–Stokes sunshine recorders for their accurate(ya right) predictions…

    Yes, I remember changing the paper on them up at Eureka (previous comments here)…


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