NOAA – 28,504 Low Max Records Set in Last 365 Days

28,504 Low Max Records were set in last 365 days according to the NOAA.

A “Low Max” means that the maximum temperatures for the day was the lowest it has ever been.

This indicates daytime cooling.

Only 13205 High Max records were set. That is  over a 2:1 ratio. Brrr.


(h/t IceAgeNow)


14 thoughts on “NOAA – 28,504 Low Max Records Set in Last 365 Days

  1. All we read about in the mainstream media is how the Arctic icepack is shrinking. They ignore the fact that the Antarctic icepack is growing, and temperatures are at record lows. ‘Reported warming applies only to surface (land-based) weather stations and is not seen in any other data set; the weather satellite data that measure atmospheric temperature show no significant trend — neither do proxy data (from analysis of tree rings, ocean/lake sediments, stalagmites, etc). It can therefore be argued that there has been no appreciable human-caused warming in the 20th century at all — and that the warming effects of rising GH-gas content of the atmosphere have been quite insignificant.’ -S. Fred Singer, professor emeritus at the University of Virginia and director of the Science and Environmental Policy Project.

  2. Yet, earlier this week NASA said the opposite. Does NASA check their facts or just cherry pick them and word their releases VERY carefully?

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  4. Gee, maybe the AMO is driven by the Sun? UV is crashing. Total Solar output [measured by UV] is down from 2000 to July, 2014 by 2/3s [average under the curve].

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