Antarctic Sea Ice Extent July 25 2014 – Obliterates Daily Record By 500,000 sq km

Antarctic Sea Ice Extent is 1,131,000 sq km above the 1981-2010 mean.

That obliterates the previous daily record by 500,000 sq km. And is also the 127th daily record for the year.



7 thoughts on “Antarctic Sea Ice Extent July 25 2014 – Obliterates Daily Record By 500,000 sq km

  1. Thank you to whoever runs this site. I am here everyday checking for updates. Man made global warming is such a scam, it is nice to see these sites that are fighting back and people need to educate themselves and see the unadulterated data themselves to find out the truth and sites like help us do just that.

    Thank you again!

  2. Day 205–NH ice loss has almost reached 50% of March maximum.
    Bear in mind that the loss by mid-September minimum usually averages 68-70%.

    Those with minimal melt:

    Central Arctic still has 98% ice left
    East Siberian Sea is at 90%
    Canadian Archipelago is holding at 81%
    Beaufort Sea is holding at 76%
    Chukchi Sea is holding at 65%
    Kara Sea has lost ice recently and is now at 47%, below NH average.

    The Central Arctic is hardly melting, and the others key to the northern shipping routes are mostly holding on to their ice.

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