Aug 4 2014 Sea Ice Data — No Updates

UPDATE: Antarctic and Arctic has been published. MASIE is still one day behind.

There have been no updates to NSIDC/NOAA Antarctic Sea Ice Extent for three days. Arctic Data is late for today. And MASIE did update their data, but it is one day older than it should be.

Data is usually found here and here and here.






  1. Is there anyway you can chart TSI/sunspot # with Antarctic sea ice. Seems every peak and dip the ice slows in growth and speeds up. I don’t have good charting program or know how to load data properly into one.
    I can make charts like this but people want to see true chart in one.
    Every spike in TSI/sunspots since the ice started to grow in coverage has showed up, I charted the most recent.

    TSI data here here

    You have Area S hem ice data I suppose?

    Thanks Chris


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