It’s snowing more in Antarctica

Antarctica has seen a “significant” change in ice mass following increased snowfall during the 20th century

The factual part of the story:

“Our new results show a significant change in the surface mass balance [from snowfall] during the 20th century.

“The largest contribution is from the Antarctic Peninsula, where the annual average snowfall during the first decade of the 21st century is 10% higher than at the same period in the 19th century.

“From the ice cores we know that the current rate of change in snowfall is unusual in the context of the past 200 years.”

Additional ice mass gained from snowfall only makes up for about a third of overall ice loss.

Antarctica Losing 159 Gigatons Per Year … Tick Tock … only 188,679 years to go

I’m sure you have seen the headlines. The continent of Antarctica is losing 159 gigatons of ice every year now. (Almost all of it where there are volcanoes under the ice)

The world is coming to an end surely if that is happening. (And lets be honest, that is a big IF because the AGW Kult lies)

NSIDC: “The Antarctic Ice Sheet contains 30 million cubic kilometers (7.2 million cubic miles) of ice.”

A gigaton of ice is approximately one cubic kilometer of ice.

So … at 159 gigatons per year, how long before Antarctica melts? That would be 30,000,000 / 159.


188,679 years.


I’m guessing our interglacial will end long before that. And the ice will have stopped melting and started growing.

What the Kult doesn’t tell you is that the minute Antarctica stops melting is the moment most of humanity will start to die because that when the interglacial ends.

And it will end.


Where is the ice loss?


(Image: CPOM/Leeds/ESA)