What does NOAA mean by “Near Normal”?

Yes I know that most of the USA was warm in March of 2012. But what does the NOAA mean by “Near Normal” in the North West and West regions?

In the North West, March 2012 was the 72nd warmest March out of 118. 118 is the warmest. It was 7F colder than 1934 which was the warmest March.  7F colder. Wow.

The North West has been cold recently. March 2011 was the 64th warmest, 2010 was the 91st warmest, 2009 was the 26th warmest and 2008 was the 31st warmest.

92 Marches were warmer than 2009. 2009 was 9.6F colder than March of 1934.

In the West region, March 2012 was 76th warmest.  It was 7.6F colder than 1934, again the warmest March.

But take a look at 2006. 7th warmest. 111 were warmer. The last 5 years have been quite cold.

1934 sure turns up a lot as the year with the warmest month.

Wait until we took a look at April. I’ll give you a hint. 5th and 6th warmest out of  118 in the last 4 years. 112 and 113 warmer Aprils.

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