Canada March 2013 – Really Cold in the Middle

According to the Environment Canada “Normals” (the stations EC calculates anomalies for) , Canada was colder than the 1971-2000 average in March 2013.

The mean of all the “Normals” was -.55C colder than 1971-2000 average.

If you look in the top left corder of the anomaly map and note the black circle represents 5C anomalies. Blue is colder than normal. Red is warmer.

The middle of the country was really, really cold. The warmth was concentrated in the far east and a couple of arctic stations.

And many of the stations had values too small to really show up on the map.

The anomaly map for Mar 2013 follows. Click to make it bigger.

EC Normals 0x0 2013-03

Where do I get the data? From Environment Canada monthly summaries.

The URL for March 2013 BC data is here. You can replace BC with ALL or SASK of MAN etc.

I use the data with a D column  value because EC calculates the anomalies for me. And because they are supposed to be better/long stations.

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