5th Wettest July in USA History – NOAA 2013

With all the claims about 2012 being the worst drought in USA history (total joke), I thought I would mention that July 2013 was the 5th wettest July ever according to the NOAA.

Only 1950, 1958, 1992 and 1915 were wetter. July 2013 was .71 inches above the 1901 – 2000 average. July 1930 was the driest.

The 1895 to 2013 trend for precipitation in July is 0. Flat. No trend at all. Perfectly average.

Year To Date precipitation for 2013 is 23rd wettest. 1.54″ above the long term average.


4 thoughts on “5th Wettest July in USA History – NOAA 2013

  1. Good to know this, thanks! I have a feeling that someone, somewhere is already trying to claim that all the rain is a result of ‘man-made’ global warming- at 5th, it doesn’t even come close!

    Posting this to Facebook.

    1. Yes. Washington and Oregon were very dry. Oregon had its driest July ever, and Washington was 8th driest.

      Yet California was 111th driest out of 119 which means only 8 July’s were wetter. And Florida had its wettest July ever.

      Oregon only averaged .03 in, while Florida averaged 12.38 in.

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