AGW Cult: “Run Away!”

Another in a long line of AGW Cult Leaders runs away from debate.

“The president of the Irish National Trust has refused to debate a leading sceptic of man-made global warming. Professor John Sweeney of ‘An Tasice, the Irish National Trust’, had been due to debate Dr Benny Peiser of the Global Warming Policy Foundation on the RTE show ‘Prime Time’, but pulled out when he learnt who his opponent was.

An Taisce issued a statement saying: “We looked forward to contributing to the debate on how we should deal with the serious problems that ‘Climate Change’ will present to our children and grandchildren.

“However, we have since learnt that Prime Time will be flying a ‘Climate Denier‘ in from the UK for the night. “


The AGW Cult is terrified of debating “sceptics” because “sceptics” are better informed.



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