Stop Burning Forests! Burn Natural Gas!


“A power plant burning wood chips will typically emit one and a half times the carbon dioxide of a plant burning coal and at least three times the carbon dioxide emitted by a power plant burning natural gas.

Although regrowing trees absorb carbon, trees grow slowly, and for some years a regrowing forest absorbs less carbon than if the forest were left unharvested.

Eventually, the new forest grows faster and the carbon it absorbs, plus the reduction in fossil fuels, can pay back the “carbon debt”, but that takes decades to centuries, depending on the forest type and use. We conservatively estimate that using deliberately harvested wood instead of fossil fuels will release at least twice as much carbon dioxide to the air by 2050 per kilowatt hour. Doing so turns a potential reduction in emissions from solar or wind into a large increase.”


Even The Guardian gets it …



4 thoughts on “Stop Burning Forests! Burn Natural Gas!

  1. Joke is, the head of the UK end of the company that imports the wood pellets is none other than the egregious ex-jailbird and ex-Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change Chris Huhne, who acquired the low-hours six-figure salary job only a few weeks after leaving prison and while still under license after serving a derisory sentence for perverting the course of justice – a crime so serious that it can carry a life sentence.

    Any normal person would struggle to get a job swabbing the floor in a pub toilet with a record like that.

  2. Huhne was a member of Ban Ki Moon’s High Level Climate Finance Panel, after Copenhagen, along with Lord Stern, Christine Lagarde, now IMF head and George Soros, amongst others. This was the forerunner of the Green Climate Fund, aiming to raise $100billion per annum from western nations for renewable energy projects in developing countries.

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