Nanaimo Tmax from 1947 to 2015

Every once in a while I visit the data for the weather station closest to my hometown on the west coast of Canada.

Today I am looking at daily TMAX data  from Nanaimo Airport (1947 – 2015).

1987 was the warmest year (1958 was 2nd warmest FYI) . 1955 was the coldest They are shown as the orange and blue lines.

Here I have graphed all the available data in the style I usually use for Sea Ice data.

2015 is in red. There are gaps because Environment Canada doesn’t seem to care.

Notice that temps can fluctuate by 20C for the same day in different years.

Ponder this … why can we humans (and crops and animals)  adapt to 20C swings but we can’t adapt to a 1C change over 100 years?

Click graph for larger.


Update: I added Tmin

6 thoughts on “Nanaimo Tmax from 1947 to 2015

  1. An excellent question to ponder!

    It’s almost like all the IPCC pseudoscience is garbage, huh?

    But, there is not need to ponder that question….

  2. now i see why you came up with this site, great part of the northern americas suffered from very cold winters recently but then it’s easy to watch the global maps to see that there has developed some kind of a weather pattern with airflow keeping flowing south into canada and the us almost over months. i’ve been seeing that as well and always thought what a bad luck they have while we europeans slowly forget how snow covered landscaped are looking like. most low-landers don’t even mount their winter tires anymore because taking a taxi or the train 2 or three time a year (when it’s snowing occasionally) is much more efficient 🙂

  3. Very good question posed at the end! This is the exact same kind of question I have posed to the usual suspects around how can life in the ocean be suffering from an average pH change of 0.15 when the daily and yearly swings are 10 times that amount? Additionally, why is it ocean acidification when the ocean is still basic? Shouldn’t it be called ocean neutralization? I suppose that it just doesn’t have the same ring to it, nor does it conjure up the same scary thoughts around acid rain that it is meant to do.

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