USA NOAA First 5 Months (Jan-May) Were Only Ranked 56 out of 120

According to the NOAA the first 5 months (Jan-May) 2014 was ranked 56th out of 120 (120 = warmest) .

The cooling trend for Jan-May dates back to 1990. 2012 was the hot aberration.



These are the anomalies from the Jan-May average. It has been a cold start to the year for the East while warmer in the south west.


cag_[ Statewide Avg Temp Anomalies (average between Jan 2014 and May 2014) ]



USA NOAA Mar/Apr 2014 Precipitation is Normal

Remember when “drought was the new normal”?

According to the NOAA the first two months of spring were 0.15″ above the 1901-2000 average. In other words … Normal!



Most of the country is normal. Northwest and southeast are wetter. Middle south is drier.

cag_[ Statewide Precipitation Anomalies (accumulation between Mar 2014 and Apr 2014) ]

USA NOAA April 2014 – 3.01F Colder Than April 1925

According to the NOAA April 2014 was ranked 75th out of 120 April’s (120 = warmest) . It was only .66F above the 1901-2000 average.

The 3rd warmest April in US history was in 1925 when it was 3.67F above the 1901-2000 average.

Other April’s warmer than 2014:  1895,1896,1906,1908,1910,1915,1925,1930,1934,1938,1941,1942,1943,1946,1948,1949 ….