USA NOAA Mar/Apr 2014 Precipitation is Normal

Remember when “drought was the new normal”?

According to the NOAA the first two months of spring were 0.15″ above the 1901-2000 average. In other words … Normal!



Most of the country is normal. Northwest and southeast are wetter. Middle south is drier.

cag_[ Statewide Precipitation Anomalies (accumulation between Mar 2014 and Apr 2014) ]

USA NOAA March 2014 – 43rd Coldest – Colder Than 1898,1900,1901,1902,1903,1904,1905,1907 …

According to the NOAA March 2014 was 43rd coldest out of 120 March’s.

That is the 2nd March in a row colder than the 1901-2000 average.

This is a partial list of the March’s warmer than 2014: 1898,1900,1901,1902,1903,1904,1905,1907,1908,1910,1911,1914,1916,1918,1919,1921,1925,1927,1928,1929,1933,1934,1935,1936,1938,1939 …