HADCRUT4 Global (15 Years as of April 2013)

HADCRUT4 Global (15 Years as of April 2013) – Anomaly From 1961 – 1990. Data from here.

With a loess trend line added.

HADCRUT4 Global - 1998 May To 2013 Apr

HADCRUT4 versus HADCRUT4 Global

HADCRUT4 is now at its 3rd iteration. It started with version and then version come out. As of the latest data it is at

I thought I would compare them. Here is the difference between them ( monthly anomaly minus monthly anomaly).

If the bar is red, the newest HADCRUT4 is warmer. If blue, then the newest data is cooler.

This is the data from 1950 on. Note that the values are pretty low and relatively evenly divided between blue and red.

Until 1997. Then the values are a little larger (still relatively small).  And almost all red.

They are warming the most recent temperatures again! Give them a few years and the pause will disappear.

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HADCRUT4 minus HADCRUT4 Global


HADCRUT4 March 2013 – Cooling at -0.292C / Decade for last 4 years

HADCRUT4 March 2013 data is finally available. Remember that the anomaly is the difference from the 1961-1990 average.

The global data shows cooling at -0.292C / Decade for last 4 years. (Click to make bigger)

Last Data as of Mar 2013 - Last 4 Years - HADCRUT4 Global

For those who think 4 years is too short, the global data shows cooling at -0.034C / Decade for last 12 years.

Last Data as of Mar 2013 - Last 12 Years - HADCRUT4 Global

HADCRUT4 1930 to 1949 by Month – Dangerous pre-CO2 Global Warming

HADCRUT4 1930 to 1949 by Month.

Normally you see this part of the graph with 2 or 3 red ticks because it is done annually.

Keep in mind the highest red tick is an anomaly of 0.355C for August 1945. The anomaly for August 2012 was 0.532C. Which is only 0.177C warmer. (Corrected)

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HADCRUT4 1930 to 1949

HADCRUT4 Gridded Feb 2013 – Europe was COLDER than 1961-1990!!!

Using HADCRUT4 Gridded data for Feb 2013 , I thought it would be useful to map the 5×5 grid squares colder than 1961-1990.

For some strange reason HADCRUT4 uses the archaic 1961-1990 period as the baseline, rather than the accepted 1981-2010.

Please click on the maps to make them bigger. And make sure you get them to go full size. I made them pretty big (3200 x 2000 pixels).

The number in the boxes is the temperature difference between the 1961-90 average and Feb 2013.

Notice that most of Western Europe was colder than 1961-1990!!!!!!!

Why only the cold squares? Because the HADCRUT4 page colr choices tends to minimize the cold areas. And because I can.


HADCRUT4 – The Scammers Are Getting Shameless

HADCRUT4 is the new Met Office dataset designed to replaced HADCRUT3. Why do they need to replace HADCRUT3?

Because the trend for the last 15 years in HADCRUT3 is negative and therefore it must be exterminated – like the Medieval Warming Period.

The following graph compares HADCRUT4 to HADCRUT3. (Click for a larger version)

Take note of the following:

1) HADCRUT3 and HADCRUT4 overlaps until about 2002 with minor differences.

2) For some reason, after 2002, there appears to be corrections of .1 to .2C. Why was the data ok in 1997-2002 and suddenly it was so bad it had to be “corrected”.

3) What justifies a .2C adjustment up in 2007? Thats 40% higher!

4) Every place a red line is well above the blue they have adjusted up to make the the “new dataset”  hotter.

5) HADCRUT3 trend (the dashed line) was negative (-.016C/Decade). HADCRUT4 is positive (.033C/Decade).